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Support Prices
Product NamePrice £'s
ex VAT
Price £'s
incl VAT
On-site support per hr (min. 1hr)
Covers the labour costs of any work done on your premises. I do not charge for travelling time to and from your premises, unless I tell you otherwise in advance of the work being done.
Off-site support per hr pro-rata (min. ½ hr)
Covers programming projects, research projects, repairs and upgrades, telephone support (other than calls that result in a quick resolution) and any other agreed work I do on your behalf at my own premises.

Please contact me for pricing on your particular requirements.

At any particular moment, there are very many options to choose from when buying new computers, notebooks, printers, software and so on. Prices and models can (and do) change quite quickly and it's not unknown for today's 'Top of the Range' item to become tomorrow's 'Entry Level' one.

My aim is always to match customers' requirements to available models and/or versions and to quote these at competitive prices. Such quotations are generally valid for a period of fourteen days, unless I state otherwise.
Some customers may prefer to purchase their equipment elsewhere and ask me for assistance with its installation and configuration and I'm always pleased to provide this service whenever possible.