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Whether you're using Windows-based PCs or Apple Macintosh computers with OS X, I can provide top-quality Sales and Support at reasonable prices.  Based in Marlow, I can sort out your computer issues with proven problem solving and trouble-shooting skills.  Click here for details about pricing.

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Windows Support Scam

People still need to be wary of the unexpected phone call that purports to be from Windows Technical Support, Microsoft Support or any other similar-sounding name. The person making the call tells you that he or she has detected a major fault/virus attack/etc. on your PC and wants to put it right. In reality, what the person wants to do is gain access to your computer to install software and eventually to deprive you of large sums of money. Microsoft (or any legitimate company) does not make such phone calls. If you receive one of them, I suggest that you put down the phone.

Microsoft Windows XP

Still running Windows XP on your PC? Give me a call or send me an email to find out what your options are.